Thursday, July 19, 2007

zai zian shanghai

This is my last post from Shanghai.
I had a really fabulous time.
Its a city with a lot of flair, especially in the french concession where I've stayed. I saw the Bund last night with its beautiful skyscrapers and European bank type buildings. There are plenty of Beggars there who leech off the western tourists. Its a known fact that many use other people's children as props and force them to chase the men in suits. Seriously..swarms of toddlers all about the same age running around.Its is incredibly disgusting and sad. Its also no coincidence that there are no teens and that the young ones are never any older than 5. My father gets angry at these women and tells them they should be ashamed. Its true. Elle says that the average income for a family in China is 3000 RMB a month which is less than 400 US.

I have to say that th Shanghainese are a very interesting people. Shanghainese women run business here and completely pussy-whip their husbands. Very in control and extremly sexy. There is also a great admiration for American pop culture here. Elle was telling me about how the chinese newspapers write about Paris Hilton and how surprising she finds it that we air our dirty laundry so freely.

I also took a long walk with my father around his neighborhood.We walked past a bunch of younger people who came up to us and asked if they could practice thier english. The first question was about our nationality and when we said we were American one began to sing , "I want it that way." It was pretty classic. There is an incredible amount of art deco architecture. The colonial powers built these huge stately homes all over Shanghai which were later transformed by Mao into HQs for comrades.

I had a chance to visit a couple of Shanghai Museums and the famous house of the Song sisters. A very prominent family in Shnaghai who sent their three daughters to Wesleyan University to study. The eldest married for money into the Kong banking clan. The second married for love...Chiang kai-shek. bad girl. The youngest married Dr. Sun Yet-Sen for power and influence. Pretty wild family.

The chinese don't now how to drive and just kind of swerve around. Thiviyas people and my own are both very bad at driving. The chinese also can't drink but like if I were at a club and we were both drunk i feel like I would be the better driver. Not that I wold ever drive drunk. Not that I can drive. Not that thiviya would be a bad driver.

My father's pal Elle had lunch with us yesterday and just strolled in and was like, " there was a huge explosion in Manhttan.People died." I had a complete fucking heart attack. What was that bitch even thinking telling me that in her half chinglish? Isn't that an awful nightmare? christ....where I am from you don't do that. Turns out things weren't quite as bad as I imagined.

Also I have to return my phone chip to Fiona. It was originally bought for Christina Augilera..I know I should probably just sell it on E-bay. Her 12 year-old daughter, who is vacationing in Germany, really loves X-tina so during her Asian tour Fiona called up her like deep connections and had her over for dinner...and gave her a phone chip....which is now in my posession.

The other night I came home from dinner and found Fiona entertaining her crazy French friend and another asian guy. His name was like.....Peter. Anyways,he was born in NYC and came to Shnaghai for business. He was 25 but completely looked like he was my age. I drank amazing tarlant champagne. We gotta do that in NYC.

I will try and remember to send some good cacao powder and baking flour to Fiona from like dean and deluca. She cannot get the proper european ingedients in Shnaghai which must be very painful for a good chef.

I realize that I take very good care in grooming myself when I am traveling. Travel makes you smelly and dirty.

I also enjoy making fresh orange juice and must invest in a good juicer.

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